McKinnon Presbyterian Church
McKinnon History

In 1917 a small group of people secured permission to hold Sunday School in the school building that sat on the bank of Tyler Creek. They grew discouraged and abandoned the idea until 1919 when Mr. John Sparks from Bream Presbyterian Church organized a worship service for all who wanted to attend. The group began growing and on October 6th, a small lot beside Tyler school was purchased from the Kanawha County Board of Education for the sum of $100.

The new building was started in the early part of 1920 and was completed in time for the Christmas program that year.

It was in August of 1920 that the Rev. Robert McKinnon came from Bream Church to serve as the mission pastor for the congregation. On August 20, 1922 the Tyler Creek Church was dedicated as the first mission of Bream Church. During the Christmas season of 1923 Rev. McKinnon was killed at a railroad crossing on his way home from church. Soon after his tragic death, the church board decided to change the name of their mission to McKinnon Memorial Presbyterian Church.

That was the start of a difficult time for the church, but the people held together during the many ups and downs and slowly continued to grow. Several different pastors served the church during the ensuing years. In April 1945, Evan Harries arrived as the mission pastor. He served both McKinnon and Littlepage Churches. This seemed to mark a turning point in the development of the church.

On May 25, 1953,  Rev. Evan Harries was ordained and installed as the pastor of the church. He served until his death in January 1955.

On August 1, 1955, the Rev. Charles McNutt accepted the call to McKinnon. He was installed as the pastor on September 18th. Under his ministry the church experienced it's greatest growth. In April 1956, a large piece of property across the road from the original church was purchased for $18,000. Plans began to develop for  a new church building. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in May and on April 27,1958, the new brick  church was dedicated. An annex and educational building were added in 1960. A manse behind the church was completed in 1963. A large part of the work on all three buildings was done by the church members themselves.  

We have had four members of the church answer the call to full time ministry, James R. Cavender Jr., Archie Norman, John Mackley  and Joseph Morecraft III .





                 Evan Harries

                 April 1945                   Jan 19, 1955                   



                  Charles McNutt

                   Aug 1, 1955

                   Jan 15, 1962



              Roger P. Melton

              May 1, 1962

              June 8, 1965



             Maynard Woltz

             Stated Supply

             Aug 1, 1965

             Oct 2, 1966



                James N. Cook

                 Nov 1, 1966

                 Dec 31, 1968



             Donald M. Green

              June 22, 1969

              Sept 30, 1972



             Dr. Stewart B,


             Stated Supply

             Oct 1,1973

             Feb 6, 1976


            Robert Burch

             Oct 17, 1976

             June 15, 1977


                    Dorsey Ellis

                    Stated Supply

                    July 1977

                     Sept 1977


             Dr. James Boozer

              March 1, 1979

              Feb 24, 1980


              Paul Chesney

               Stated Supply

               Nov 1980

               June 1982




                 July 1, 1982

                 Dec 31, 1984


             Paul Vanhorn

             Sept 1, 1986

             June 30, 1993


                    Richard Lamb

                    Stated Supply

                    Sept 15, 1993

                    Sept 30, 1994


                Dr. Edward


                 April 1, 1995

                 May 31, 2007


                  David A. Bush

                  Interim Pastor

                  Sept 1, 2007

                   Aug 31, 2009


                    Doug Minnerly

                    Jan 1, 2010